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For many patients with a blood-related illness, stem cell transplantation offers the best chance for survival ... IF they can locate a compatible donor from among family, friends or other caring individuals. provides the private testing resources to identify a potentially life-saving donor of bone marrow, stem cells, peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood. provides convenient HLA Testing services, a critical step in identifying potential stem cell donors. HLA (human leukocyte antigen) testing determines whether an individual might be a good "match" for a patient who could benefit from such a transplant. The private services of make it easier for potential stem cell donors to be tested without having to participate in a public donor registry.

In addition to its donor testing services, also refers patients and their families to outside community resources that can help find compatible donors through organized support events. And, provides relevant, reliable information about blood-related cancers and life-saving transplantation treatments to help patients and their physicians make informed decisions. is wholly-owned by Kashi Clinical Laboratories, a specialized testing and molecular analyses facility designed to resolve challenging clinical conditions. Based in Portland, OR, Kashi Clinical Laboratories offers advanced testing technology managed by a highly experienced analytical team performing specialized tests on patient and donor samples from around the world.