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More than just an HLA testing lab...

Written by Diane Tolley on Wednesday, 13 November 2013.

Private HLA testing Lab

More than just an HLA testing lab...

Kashi Clinical Laboratories is more than just a HLA testing lab. To those that utilize our services the difference is outstanding. To those of us that work for Dr. Kashi the realization that this is so much more than a HLA test result is evident in the day to day workings of the lab itself and the results measured.

We are starting a new blog for those of you looking for a street level look at HLA testing to become a bone marrow donor. In the coming weeks we will walk you through the entire process. Let you know the "inside story" of HLA testing and what it means to you. At our HLA testing lab we decided we would start with an introduction to who is who and let you know why we do what we do and our qualifications.

The lab is directed by owner and CEO, Dr. Zahra Mehdizadeh Kashi, who came to this country in 1985 to study medical sciences. Her mission is to offer services that provide better patient care before and after transplantation through both pre and post-transplant related testing. Offering affordable HLA testing services to everyone, including the uninsured is one of our goals. Through the website, individuals who need bone marrow transplants can have family members and friends HLA tested to see if they are a potential donor at a fraction of the cost of a HLA test they would otherwise have to pay, a direct result of the laboratory's efficiency and innovation. The average cost of an HLA test results depending upon where you go can run between $300 and $3,000 for the same exact test we do for a fraction of that amount. Aware of the financial pressure that patients face, the laboratory took a unique approach of employing more staff, implementing new technologies, providing free seminars, published scientific articles, participated in a variety of trade shows and conventions and listened more closely to its customers. KCL expanded its HLA testing menu by exchanging services in collaboration with other labs, resulting in faster service at a reduced cost to the customer. This approach empowers KCL to establish strong partnerships with other labs and to serve the customers more effectively.

About the Author

Diane Tolley


Diane Tolley, the mother of a child that had a bone marrow transplant, brings to KCL firsthand knowledge of what a patient and their family encounters during the transplant process. She serves as the National Sales Director for Kashi Clinical Laboratories. Diane brings to KCL her passion for making sure that patient gets to transplant as quickly and efficiently as possible and people wanting to be a potential donor have affordable access to private HLA testing.