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Terms and Conditions

REPEAT TESTING: Approximately 20% of all samples may require additional "repeat" or "high-resolution" testing in the form of a "repeat" test or "high-resolution" test, resulting in additional testing time.  Kashi Clinical Laboratories does not refund testing fees or accept any liability for these situations.

RETURN POLICY: Regulations prohibit the use of test kits that are returned to the lab.  Please destroy any unused test kit.  Credit can be applied to a buyer's credit card if extenuating circumstances prevent sample collection within 30 days of purchase.  A 25% handling charge applies and will be deducted from the original cost of the kit.  To return a kit, call 1-877-565-3287 for pre-authorization.  All return credits must be pre-authorized.

PAYMENT: All testing costs must be paid in full before Kashi can begin testing.  Kits are not delivered on weekends, even if expedited shipping is selected.

HLA/C, DQ, DP MARKER PRODUCT DETAIL: Standard HLA preliminary testing is for the first six markers out of 10 markers currently needed by many transplant centers for a perfect match.  In some cases, such as for a sibling, a physician or care coordinator may request additional markers.  If you have been asked to receive additional markers, please choose that option on the order form.